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Places in Srinagar

Founded by the King Pravarasena II over 2,000 years ago, Srinagar owes its name to two Sanskrit words, Sri (meaning profusion and wealth) and Nagar, (meaning a city). Dating back to the 3rd century BC, the city was formerly a part of the Mauryan Empire, which once happened to be one of the most important empires of India. This region prospered quite well under the rule of the Kushans in the 1st century AD. During this period, it used to be an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. In the 6th century, however, it became a part of the kingdom of Vikramaditya, the ruler of Ujjain. Local Hindu rulers ruled it until the 14th century, when Muslims rulers invaded and captured it. With the downfall of the Mughal Empire the fortunes of the area swung dramatically. In 1814, it went to the Sikhs, when Ranjit Singh got the better of the Pathans. However, ultimately the British defeated Ranjit Singh and in accordance with the treaty of Lahore in 1846, they appointed Gulab Singh as the autonomous ruler of Kashmir. Later, Hari Singh, the great grandson of Gulab Singh, united this huge state into India in 1948, when the Pathan intruders from Pakistan tried to capture this state.

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