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Barbeque Nation

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Address : 2nd Floor, Munshilal Building, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Menu, Vegetarian

Kadai paneer
Bhuno fried tomato, capsicum and onion mixed with coarse kadhai masala and paneer.

Vegetable jalfrazi
Diced vegetables tossed with capsicum and makhani gravy.

Louki kofta
Deep fried bottle gourd kofta with malai gravy.

Gobi mutter adrakki
Cauliflower florets tossed with chopped masala, peas and julienned ginger.

Khatte aloo
Dum aloo in a rich curd-based gravy topped with lemon juice.

Whole black urad dal tempered with ginger, garlic, butter and cream.

Dal palak
Arahar dal boiled with chopped spinach and tempered with desi ghee, garlic and whole red chillies.

Seharagi biriyani
A colourful dum biryani with spinach paste, vegetables and chana dal.

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